“The training I completed recently with Hannah Mackinlay was excellent. Great value for money and I am pleased to say very beneficial.

Hannah advised of the changes within Commercial Lease and what to look out for when drafting for the Landlord or reviewing for the tenant. Also, she provided me with invaluable notes on the Course, knowledge of associations and groups that might be of interest that I wasn’t aware of.

This is the second training I have received from her and each time I walk away feeling inspired. I highly recommend her for all your Commercial Training needs.”

Anita Gibbs

“The course facilitator, Andrew McLoughlin, was excellent. He was knowledgeable and encouraged participation, seeking to get everyone involved and not leaving anyone by the wayside.” 


“Not really sure how the training could be improved. Lorraine Richardson was a fantastic teacher and was obviously very knowledgeable about the subject and made it very easy to relate to – I particularly enjoyed the anecdotes from her personal experience!”

Taylor Walton

“The feedback was extremely positive. Everyone thought Helen did a truly excellent job in difficult circumstances. Content, pace and delivery were spot on and she drummed up engagement, which was a tough gig.”


“No improvement Mr Matthew Hickling was very good and entertaining as well. I listened to the recording which I preferred as you can stop and pause and go over something you were not quite sure of and make notes on the bottom of the slides for yourself.”

William Sturges LLP

“A very informative and thorough presentation delivered by Safda Mahmood which was useful particularly in relation to private law and FOF issues. Everyone was able to participate and made to feel comfortable to share their views and experiences which I feel made the presentation more interactive. I hope to attend next year!”


“We received excellent feedback and Peter Scott certainly prompted each of us to think about how we work and use our time as management in the best interests of the business.”

Spratt Endicott

“Helen Lawson was engaging and kept the training moving at a good pace. Interesting and the course applies to work and lifestyle balance/issues. It gave me ideas on how to handle stress better. Informative and useful to consider using when low mood/feeling unproductive. Very interesting and of relevance to a busy office.”

West Yorkshire Police

“Safda Mahmood was excellent and very useful. I cannot think of any improvements, Safda was a great course trainer as always.”

Atherton Godfrey

“I thoroughly enjoyed Hannah Mackinlay’s course. I will enjoy looking through the notes.”

Eccles Heddon Solicitors

“The course met expectations as I have seen Lesley King present numerous times and she is always excellent”

Ware & Kay

“I don’t think it could – Lorraine went to the trouble beforehand to find out what we wanted from the session, and she delivered.”

Goughs Solicitors

“It was excellent thank you – I have had some great feedback already – she made the topics very interesting and it was extremely engaging. Thank you, Helen Swaffield!”

BDB Pitmans

“Lisa Navarro was a big hit as usual – good balance of legislation, topical examples and highlighting areas of potential concern. Very relevant.”

Keltbray Group

“I thought Mark Weston did an incredible job! He was engaging and explained everything so well with examples that were applicable to our knowledge – he really knew this stuff!”

The Law Boutique

“I also wanted to say that it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you Lucy O’Connor and you’ve been a warm, responsive, helpful go to person, thank you.”

University of West of England (UWE)

“We found Jan Cisek very engaging. Quality content and practical tips. The course was interactive and fun.”

Birkett Long

“We all found the session with Martin Richardson very beneficial, and it equipped us with useful tools to enable us to manage future projects more effectively.”

Barker Gotelee