“Lorraine Richardson is a very natural presenter. Her style is engaging and interesting. Lorraine is also very knowledgeable and she gave us some excellent points to consider. Overall, a very informative and enjoyable session.”

Howard Kennedy

“Peta Dollar is a very magnetic trainer, you can see she loves her trade and is able to make others just as engaged and involved. I thought her presentation was brilliant and that was just with her talking, no need for presentations.”

Soloman Taylor & Shaw

“I learned practical exercises to help deal with anxiety and stress. Even better, I learned how to thrive. Brilliantly presented. Not a dull moment.”

“Compelling, passionate, thought-provoking”

“Positive and helpful in compartmentalizing stress/anxiety- how to control. Amazing ideas and thoughts discussed – can change the way you think and develop you as a person”

“The session was engaging. It was rewarding personally to experience the ideas and thoughts of the trainer & colleagues. Excellent speaker.”

Crown Prosecution Service

“It was engaging and useful. I have already put in place some of the new things I have learned. I thought Phil Gott was very good and the course was well delivered”

Battens Solicitors

“An excellent course by Phil Gott. It was engaging and thought-provoking. Good to hear from colleagues as to how they approach supervision.”

Taylor Walton

“Peter Scott is a thought-provoking and engaging speaker, with an anecdote for every occasion! The sessions engaged our fee earners and helped us to challenge our thinking when it comes to Time Recording.”

Aaron & Partners

“Very good course. Good content and David Impey always delivers the course in an engaging way and at a good pace. His follow-up after the course on a question that was raised was also very prompt.”

Payne Hicks Beach

“So well delivered by Peter Scott. It will enable me to omit any bad habits, provided lots of food for thought about how to be more efficient, and also boosted confidence in quoting and knowing our work, plus will have records from the time recording to demonstrate and back it up. It was more than just time recording training.”

Palmers Solicitors

“A very real approach to the risks facing conveyancers when acting on behalf of a buyer and their lender when purchasing a flat with fire safety remedial works needed.”

Sunderland Law Society

“Really informative, practical, and ground covered with tips in a short time but didn’t feel rushed. It is not (of course) a stimulating area of law but vital that we keep up with it and this session with Andrew McLoughlin definitely achieved that.”

Wilson Browne

“It was very engaging, informative, and quite entertaining which is great because it made the 3 hours fly by. Phil Gott was a great trainer, really knows his stuff and even puts it into practice while he presents.”

Soloman Taylor & Shaw

“Lesley King managed to explain difficult concepts and complex areas of law in a way I could understand. Brilliant and engaging. Lesley was very personable, and training given of a very high calibre.”

Porter Dodson

“Well-tailored to the brief and nice, professional presenting style by Phil Gott. There was learning for everyone.”

Sharpe Pritchard

“The course was engaging and easily one of the best I have been to. Rebecca Roscoe kept everyone engaged and her knowledge and expertise shone through in such a positive way. It was a genuine pleasure to attend the course.”

Wilson Browne

“A very relevant and helpful course delivered by Helen Lawson to a very high standard. Will definitely be using some of the tips and ideas to better manage my diary and reduce pressure on myself – learn to ride the waves! Very thought-provoking and likely to result in changes in the way I work.”


“A very useful, thought-provoking, and interesting session. The course was well presented by Peter Scott and useful for future development.”

Barker Gotelee

“Hannah Mackinlay clearly knows her stuff on SDLT and has the edge over e.g., a tax lawyer speaking to real estate fee earners because she understands the perspective of the transactional lawyers. It means the session is really practical and pitched in a helpful way.”

Howard Kennedy

“The training delivered by Andrew McLoughlin was very informative and will certainly be of great help when advising clients and considering/making Part 36 offers in the future.”

Hanne & Co

“Simone Hurst made the topic of VAT on property and land actually interesting, which is not an easy feat! Presentation very good and the information provided in an easily digestible format.”

Askews Legal LLP

“Lorraine Richardson was an informative and good trainer. Giving a down-to-earth overview of a new and complex topic and she addressed the important points more fully.”

Slater Heelis

“Peter Scott was a fantastic trainer, thoroughly knowledgeable, likable, and very helpful.”


“The training yesterday with Lisa Navarro was great – very clear and easy to follow with good use of case studies etc. Looking forward to the next one in a few weeks’ time!”

Hill Dickinson

“Really good learning session, John Trimbos was great, already thinking of templates I use daily to improve the wording. There were very useful tips and tricks on drafting correspondence. Engaging and will recommend training to others.”

Browne Jacobson

“Good course material. Clear presentation by an experienced lawyer. Informative and well-structured. Thank you, Lorraine Richardson, – certainly whilst principals in my mind the considerations with lenders were a useful reminder/thought-provoking!”

TWM Solicitors

“Very interesting subject matter and Steve Allinson was very engaging, would love to have more training from him.”

Soloman Taylor & Shaw

“Helen Swaffield made a very topical and important subject seem effortless in the presentation. The accompanying notes are excellent too.”

Edwin Coe

“The training with Helen Swaffield was fantastic”

Brighton and Hove City Council

“The training was great. The team really enjoyed it. We’d be delighted to use Matthew Hickling again.”


“I thought the training with Becky Roscoe was excellent – balanced well between listening and active participation in learning through case studies, and there was time too for discussion and questions. Becky was also considerate in getting people from the different offices to mix and work together.”

Certificate of Probate and Administration of Estates – Day one and two

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought the trainer, Lorraine Richardson, was exceptional. I look forward to more courses with her in the near future.”

Larken & Co

“Peter Scott was on top form as usual. I have received some great feedback.”

Soloman Taylor & Shaw

“We all found the session with Martin Richardson very beneficial, and it equipped us with useful tools to enable us to manage future projects more effectively.”

Barker Gotelee

“We found Jan Cisek very engaging. Quality content and practical tips. The course was interactive and fun.”

Birkett Long

“I also wanted to say that it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you Lucy O’Connor and you’ve been a warm, responsive, helpful go to person, thank you.”

University of West of England (UWE)

“I thought Mark Weston did an incredible job! He was engaging and explained everything so well with examples that were applicable to our knowledge – he really knew this stuff!”

The Law Boutique

“Lisa Navarro was a big hit as usual – good balance of legislation, topical examples and highlighting areas of potential concern. Very relevant.”

Keltbray Group

“It was excellent thank you – I have had some great feedback already – she made the topics very interesting and it was extremely engaging. Thank you, Helen Swaffield!”

BDB Pitmans

“I don’t think it could – Lorraine went to the trouble beforehand to find out what we wanted from the session, and she delivered.”

Goughs Solicitors

“The course met expectations as I have seen Lesley King present numerous times and she is always excellent”

Ware & Kay

“I thoroughly enjoyed Hannah Mackinlay’s course. I will enjoy looking through the notes.”

Eccles Heddon Solicitors

“Safda Mahmood was excellent and very useful. I cannot think of any improvements, Safda was a great course trainer as always.”

Atherton Godfrey

“Helen Lawson was engaging and kept the training moving at a good pace. Interesting and the course applies to work and lifestyle balance/issues. It gave me ideas on how to handle stress better. Informative and useful to consider using when low mood/feeling unproductive. Very interesting and of relevance to a busy office.”

West Yorkshire Police

“We received excellent feedback and Peter Scott certainly prompted each of us to think about how we work and use our time as management in the best interests of the business.”

Spratt Endicott

“A very informative and thorough presentation delivered by Safda Mahmood which was useful particularly in relation to private law and FOF issues. Everyone was able to participate and made to feel comfortable to share their views and experiences which I feel made the presentation more interactive. I hope to attend next year!”


“No improvement Mr Matthew Hickling was very good and entertaining as well. I listened to the recording which I preferred as you can stop and pause and go over something you were not quite sure of and make notes on the bottom of the slides for yourself.”

William Sturges LLP

“The feedback was extremely positive. Everyone thought Helen did a truly excellent job in difficult circumstances. Content, pace and delivery were spot on and she drummed up engagement, which was a tough gig.”


“Not really sure how the training could be improved. Lorraine Richardson was a fantastic teacher and was obviously very knowledgeable about the subject and made it very easy to relate to – I particularly enjoyed the anecdotes from her personal experience!”

Taylor Walton

“The course facilitator, Andrew McLoughlin, was excellent. He was knowledgeable and encouraged participation, seeking to get everyone involved and not leaving anyone by the wayside.” 


“The training I completed recently with Hannah Mackinlay was excellent. Great value for money and I am pleased to say very beneficial.

Hannah advised of the changes within Commercial Lease and what to look out for when drafting for the Landlord or reviewing for the tenant. Also, she provided me with invaluable notes on the Course, knowledge of associations and groups that might be of interest that I wasn’t aware of.

This is the second training I have received from her and each time I walk away feeling inspired. I highly recommend her for all your Commercial Training needs.”

Anita Gibbs